You may have already thought about the fact that your children aren't the only ones who are learning during your homeschool journey. However, I still thought it might be helpful and encouraging to discuss some of the ways that I'm being homeschooled.  As a result, I've come up with 4 ways I'm being homeschooled.


The first of the 4 ways I'm being homeschooled is related to the fact that I absolutely hated history when I was growing up. I especially disliked history when I was in high school. I thought it was seriously boring and I avoided it as much as I could. As a result, I don't remember much of anything except sitting in class talking to my friends, or writing notes to my friends, or even figuring out how to skip class.

It's true that I took the bare minimum classes in high school and college. However, I don't remember learning ancient history AT ALL.

Of course the Bible is history as well. However, I did not grow up with the Bible, nor did I start reading the Bible until I was an adult.

It is true that I have learned SO MUCH through the Bible. However, every time I read a book to Nathan, especially when it is historical fiction, I learn too.   This is known as living history. And I think everyone could truly benefit from learning history this way!

For example, we are currently studying Martin Luther and are reading the book, “When Lightening Struck.”

Not only are we learning about Martin Luther, we are learning about what the culture was like during this time period. A well-written book will provide descriptions that bring the time period to life. And this book is doing it all right! We are looking out through Martin Luther's eyes, experiencing his life, becoming entrenched in his observations, including the smells.

During Martin Luther's lifetime, the Black Plague broke out several times.

Well, have you ever thought about what they did with the people who died? Apparently, they put them into “the stockyards.” If you lived anywhere near the stockyards, you could smell the rotting bodies!

Also, people were ignorant and superstitious during this period because the Roman church was controlling everything and people didn't have access to the Bible. As a result, people, including Martin's mother, would blame things such as their babies dying, on witches and witchcraft.

The people didn’t know the Bible, and were ignorant of the idea of germs.

Knowing what you do today, what do you think was causing so many baby deaths?  In “Lightning Strikes,”, Martin mentions losing a baby sister, and he was remembering holding her little hand with his dirty thumb.

Now, I could have easily taught Nathan about the Black Plague, Martin Luther, the superstitions of this time period, and lack of knowledge regarding germs through a facts-based textbook. However, if we had just read these facts in a textbook, I don't believe they would have held nearly as much meaning as reading a “living history” book.

Reading, “When Lightening Struck,” is opening up a whole new world for me (and I'm sure for Nathan as well).

And every time we read a book like this, my world expands even more!

This is just one lone example of how I'm being educated in history as the result of reading books to Nathan.

To see the book, click here.


Number 2 of the 4 ways I'm being homeschooled is that I am much more tech savvy. 🙂

Whenever I enroll Nathan in an online class, I go through the class as well. Take for example, Techie Homeschool Mom's Graphic Design Online course. I learned SO MUCH in that class!

And believe it or not, I had never heard of or used the awesome online program Canva (also Canva App) before 2018. I also learned how to use Emaze, right along with Nathan. And those are just two of the main apps and programs I learned through this class alone!

Speaking of tech savvy. I wanted to start a blog over 10 years ago but didn't have the skills or the resources. If it wasn't for the fact that I homeschool, I seriously doubt I would have found out about “Build Your Bundle.” And one thing keeps leading to another. Here I am one year later, finally fulfilling the vision God has given me–one step at a time.

Who would have thought homeschooling would lead to this?

For example, in May 2018 I came across an awesome Blogging Basics class, and next thing I knew I had a blog!

And how could I forget the awesome Etsy Masterclass I went through with Nathan. (Well, actually Nathan didn't go through it yet–but I sure did)! =) In fact, to read more about my experience with it, Click here

Again, these are just a few examples of what I've learned and grown through this homeschool journey.


The 3rd of the 4 ways I'm being homeschooled is related to the fact that Nathan has special needs and is a unique learner. He struggles with developmental coordination disorder, also known as Dyspraxia.

From the beginning, I really wanted to enable Nathan to be successful. As a result, I was motivated to go out and find unique learning tools and boy did I succeed! I've written about this previously a bit here.

But if I'm going to be totally honest here, I have to admit that my “How I'm Being Homeschooled” journey started before I even imagined I'd ever be homeschooling.

So those of you who aren't actually homeschooling, don't get discouraged, because you are learning too–whether you realize it or not!

My learning began the day Nathan was born, when I realized breastfeeding wasn't going to be a breeze.

Then, by six months, I first realized that Nathan was going to have some feeding issues.

Fast forward to kindergarten. Friday of the first week of school, I got “the call.” You know the call from the principal?  They were worried because he was running off when he was supposed to be lining up, just to name one specific thing I remember discussing.

Long story short, Nathan was a challenge when he was in the regular public school and he was in public school until the end of 3rd grade.

In the public school Nathan was assigned homework pretty much every day.  And you can be sure he didn't want any part of it!!!

And when Nathan doesn't want to do something, it is extremely difficult to get him to do it.

Back then I didn't totally get it about his autism. Nor did I completely understand why he was fighting me so hard on the homework. After all, I absolutely LOVED elementary school!

All that really matters in the overall scheme of things is whether your child is learning.

How they learn is not nearly as significant. As a result, I started thinking outside of the box more. For example, I learned how to teach Nathan in alternative ways because Dyspraxia affects his writing more than anything else. Out with the sticks and the magnetic letters.

An as he got older, I discovered speech-to-text and text-to-speech as well as visual processing programs to help with organizing thoughts. click here to read more about these programs.

When Nathan was at the end of 1st grade, I took a job as a substitute special education assistant for a little extra money. Let me tell you that I got so many good ideas from that! And I also obtained tons of valuable experience working with all sorts of unique and talented kids.

Which I am absolutely drawing from in my homeschooling with Nathan. I don't think I would have even considered a job such as this if it wasn't for my desire to understand my own son better.


And last but not least, number 4 out of the 4 ways I'm being homeschooled:

Like I mentioned a minute ago, I started learning the day Nathan was born. He had breastfeeding issues so I pumped for eight months. When I tried to follow all of the “rules” I was taught in school, they fell flat.

For example, brown pureed rice. He spit it up–I realize now this was an early sign that Nathan had a sensory issues with food.

I DID NOT realize it at the time.

Also, he threw up peanut butter. That was an obvious one (food allergy). However, the sensory issues with food still affects his eating today, though I would say he is way less picky than he used to be

and I am much more educated!

Read more about why kids are picky eaters here.

These are just 4 ways I'm being homeschooled.

How about you? What are you learning in your homeschooling/unschooling/lifeschooling journey?

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