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5 Exciting Ways to Travel to the Middle Ages
My son has always enjoyed hands-on activities. He continues to learn this way, and to have a much better attitude when I assign multi-sensory activities, despite that he is in 9th grade. Though he likes history, he absolutely despises writing essays. Thus, the Home School in the Woods Project Passport World History Studies  was a great match for us to study history.


This year we have dabbled in a few scattered activities for variety in our history studies. For example, we started out the school year reviewing the US Presidents. We also spent a couple of months studying Christian Martyrs from early AD years as well as a little bit of time focusing on geography. Despite these interesting projects, we were ready for something new and exciting. Especially since it was wintertime.

For us, the Home School in the Woods' Project Passport World History Studies was like a breath of fresh air due to its unique take on studying history.

To give you a feel for what the theme is for the Project Passport World History Studies curriculum, I am inviting you to travel for a short time with me to get a taste of what you might get if you traveled to the Middle Ages. And if you and your children like the idea of traveling to another time and place, you can purchase the inexpensive curriculum yourself.

You can choose the Middle Ages or you can make another choice from the list available at the Home School in the Woods main website.*

Here we go! =)

5 Exciting Ways to Travel to the Middle Ages

1. Create Your Own Passport and luggage

As you can see from the photos below,  that's exactly what your kids will do when they begin “traveling” to the Middle Ages. They will first need to prepare by creating their passport and getting their luggage ready. This is a very challenging project, so be sure to read the directions very carefully as you go through these projects so you don't make a mistake. We went through 3 folders before we got it right. But it was worth it! What a cool project this was. The time spent flew by and I didn’t get any complaints which is pretty common occurrance normally.

Want to Travel to the Middle Ages?

2. Dress up like a Serf, King, Knight, or Commoner (and learn about costumes and Middle Ages fashion trends)

5 Exciting Ways to Travel to the Middle Ages

5 Exciting Ways to Travel to the Middle Ages

Or if you're short of time or resources, you can start with studies of some of the fashion trends. Your kids will have lots of opportunities to color. Interesting thing about coloring. When my son was younger, he hated coloring and would only scribble. Now he does an amazing job when I assign coloring projects. (Nathan colored the knight and horse below—he always has to add his take on everything)! 🤣

We are in the middle of a COVID-19 pandemic as I write this review. So, we're kind of stuck at home. As a result, we couldn't go out shopping at the local thrift store for cool fabrics and gadgets to use for dress up.  However, my son dressed up his Knight (see below). Plus, we are currently working on puppets and will be doing a puppet show.

3.  Create puppets and act out a skit

Not too many things can bring you to another time and place as quickly as acting out a play or skit such as a puppet show. All of the directions are included for this project. You simply have to plan ahead and make sure you have everything you need before you start, and I am sure that you and your kids will have a ton of fun with this project.

4. Cook a Middle Ages Feast (and Make Marzipan out of Clay)

No, but seriously! I know you are just dying to try out the Gruel and Blawmanger! Really, most of these foods are much tastier than they look. And you will definitely get a more authentic feel for the way dinnertime was experienced while working through this project.

5 Exciting Ways to Travel to the Middle Ages

5 Exciting Ways to Travel to the Middle Ages

5. Make an Old-Fashioned Middle Ages Newspaper and Write Stories Based on True History

5 Exciting Ways to Travel to the Middle Ages

Remember I mentioned that my son hates writing? Here’s the thing.

If I would have required him to write a summary of the history we studied, as opposed to allowing him to cut and paste the portions in the actual essay like you see in my example below, it would look like he didn’t have a clue.

But the fact is, this method that I use to help him get his ideas out on paper is a perfect example of how oftentimes our kids have a lot more knowledge in their head than what is showing up on paper. I find these kinds of projects amazingly encouraging and also I believe it encourages my son to know that he is smarter than he thinks.

If your child can pull sentences out of a two to three page essay, put them in the correct order, and create a summary, then you can be sure he or she understands what they have studied.

Attila the Hun

Lots of other activity choices are available in Home School in the Woods' multi-sensory Middle Ages history and social studies curriculum. For example:

  1. Make a Tapistry
  2. Build a Castle
  3. Build a Catapult
  4. Learn about Iconoclasts
  5. Study the Geography of the Roman Empire before and after the fall of the West.
  6. Learn about the Barbarians and Attila the Hun
  7. Create a full Lap Book (see below two pictures for examples of the finished Lapbook. (This is only a sample, there's much more)!
  8. And Much More

Project Passports Homeschool in the Woods

Do yourself a favor and check out the Home School in the Woods Project Passport World History Studies here.

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