5 Ways You Can Use YouTube as a Homeschooling Resource. (Post may contain affiliate links).

As a parent who homeschools, you already know that gaining access to resources can be a real struggle. And an expensive one at that! You probably know that there are a lot of helpful teaching aids you can find online, but have you ever considered YouTube as a possible resource?

Kids love watching YouTube as entertainment. There are endless amounts of content. In fact, a lot of people are even choosing it over TV, including children. If you look beyond the fluff videos, you will find that there is actually a lot of really good, educational, and age-appropriate content your children can enjoy and benefit from.

So, instead of fighting against it, why not lean into it to harness the benefits and all the knowledge YouTube has to offer?

Below are 5 Ways You Can Use YouTube as a Homeschooling Resource.

1. Learning about foreign languages & cultures

Have you ever considered how valuable YouTube content can be, as a foreign language aid? Not only are there millions of videos out there created by people from all over the world, but they often have an educational slant. Channels like Rock ‘N Learn provide multiple foreign language tutorials (among other things) for languages like Spanish, German, or French.

If you go on YouTube right now and search for any language, you are sure to find dedicated videos that help people learn step by step. From “word of the day” type videos to videos explaining issues of grammar, there is almost no need to go out and purchase expensive textbooks that teach the exact same thing, but in a less engaging way.

Perhaps the best thing about learning a foreign language on YouTube is the fact that real people are presenting facts about their lives and the reality of living in a different country, including local culture, spiritual beliefs, everyday habits, etc.

YouTube can also facilitate actual interaction with people from foreign countries. Your children can chat with content creators (under your supervision, of course) in order to practice their language skills.

2. Explanations for science-related subjects

Believe it or not, even when it comes to hard science subjects such as math, chemistry, or physics, your child can still use YouTube as a resource. Especially when a new concept is taught, it can take a while for your little one to catch on, or they may require a different or more in-depth explanation. Especially when it comes to practical experiments in areas of physics or chemistry, it can be extremely helpful to have someone demonstrate how they do it. It makes it much easier to replicate or to follow slowly, step by step.

If you feel like you are out of your depth, chances are that someone on YouTube has a dedicated video explaining concepts thoroughly. Oftentimes, they even include diagrams, images, and other teaching aids that you may not have access to. The Organic Chemistry Tutor is just one of these channels that deal with math and science subjects.

3. Primary resources – movies, audio books, documentaries

YouTube is actually a great place to find primary resources when you need them. For example, movies, documentaries, and even audiobooks can be easily found on YouTube, free of charge. That is especially helpful for essays and critical analysis assignments, where studying primary resources like this is an essential part of the process. These resources may also be available at the local library, but not always.

In addition to the resources offered for free, YouTube also sometimes offers viewings at a price, much like Amazon. You can download a certain film, for example, for $10 and watch it, just like you would purchase a DVD.

5 Ways You Can Use YouTube as a Homeschooling Resource

 4. History, made interesting

Students often dislike subjects like history, because they can feel very dry. There are lots of names, lots of years to remember, and a presentation that is not always interesting, when it’s in text form.

That is where YouTube can actually help instill a love of history in your child. History buffs will make lengthy, detailed videos about historical events. They explain context, and presented in interesting tidbits that students may not otherwise have access to.

Having someone passionate explain something in an interesting way is a much better way of learning. Especially when compared to reading from a history book. In addition, videos usually have accompanying images that can contextualize the information in a way that makes it easier to understand.  Bedtime History is a channel that makes dedicated videos to historical figures, landmarks, and concepts. Bedtime History videos are presented in a way that is easy to understand and process for children.

 5. Practical skills & hobbies

With everything that is crammed in a regular school year, it can be difficult to fit in time for hobbies, extra curriculars, and other skills. In addition, classes like home economics and such have fallen by the wayside. As a result, very useful and practical skills like sewing, or woodworking are no longer taught.

Perhaps you’ll be surprised to know that these are things they can learn on YouTube. There are tutorials for everything, from beginner levels to more experienced ones. All your child needs to do is search for what interests them. And they will find someone who teaches it online, for free. Plus, you don’t need to drive them anywhere, which is a significant bonus!  For example, a channel like 5-Minute Crafts PLAY. This channel has hundreds of videos demonstrating fun, creative crafts your kids can do at home with household items.

5 Ways You Can Use YouTube as a Homeschooling Resource. What’s the bottom line?

As you can see, YouTube can actually make a great resource for education, especially if your children are homeschooled. Most parents who choose to homeschool are equipped for the subjects they will be teaching, but a little extra help never hurts.

It would be a shame not to take advantage of all the resources the internet provides for students. And learning from home is the perfect opportunity to explore these alternative means of education.

5 Ways You Can Use YouTube as a Homeschooling Resource

Whether we’re talking about interesting and age-appropriate explanations of historical events, math problems solved in real time, or valuable skills, YouTube offers a great assortment of choices. With the technology of YouTube, an incredible variety of professionals and hobbyists can help your children achieve a well-rounded education.

Caroline Black is a long time freelance writer hailing from sunny California who enjoys outdoor adventure, spending time with her fur babies, and cooking.


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