About Homeschooling Dietitian Mom

About Homeschooling Dietitian Mom

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My husband is a professional cook and I am a dietitian. We work well together and we are whipping up yummy, good-for-you, kid-friendly recipes as I speak! We have had a lot of practice thanks to our 13-year-old son, Nathan, who tests our boundaries all the time!

Is Your Child a Picky Eater?

Does your child eat less than 10 different foods, or are the foods that she does eat mostly white? Is your child unwilling to let foods touch on the same plate or unable to tolerate combination foods such as casseroles?

Our son is a picky eater. But he has good reasons. For example, he is allergic to peanuts and is intolerant to other nuts, including cashews. Also, he was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD, and he has texture issues with foods since he was six months old.

As Nathan has grown, there have been a lot of food issues. Because of all the struggles with food, going all the way back to birth, we have learned to be creative.

Do you have it all figured out?

We don’t! But we have learned a lot and are looking forward to sharing our experience with you to help make your life around the table easier. I know that together we can help our kids eat their way to happier, healthier lives.

Does Your Son or Daughter Like to Exercise?

From the wheelchair bound handicapped child to the elderly adult who is struggling to maintain independence.


Though it certainly is not easy, it is important that our kids get some exercise (or activity) most days. I’m sure you’ve noticed that when your kids have been active, they are much more calm and focused. And when we exercise as parents, we are more calm and focused as well.

I am currently working on routines and pointers to help encourage you and your family to get more active. Two of my latest posts are on “Why Exercise Beats the Winter Blues.” and “How to Motivate Your Kid to Exercise.”

I also put together some of my favorite FREE apps for diet and exercise. Click here to check it out.

Check out these posts which have recipes attached for High Protein Mac-n-Cheese, Garlic and Pintos, Homemade Tomato Vegetable Soup, and Homemade Chicken Nuggets.  More is yet to come.

Other things you can expect to see if you stick around are

  1. Nutrition educational materials for all ages as well as for homeschooling.
  2. Articles on origins, i.e. creation vs evolution as the subject.
  3. Various crafts, including holiday and special occasion cards, bookmarks, and other goodies
  4. Lots of articles on nutrition, including allergies, vitamins and minerals, and cooking tips.

There is a ton of more good stuff coming your way. And you don’t want to miss it.

Deborah Hanyon has been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for nearly 20 years. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Foods and Nutrition from CSU, San Bernardino in 1996, and her MPH from Loma Linda University in 1999. Debbie attended the Institute for Creation Research, studying Graduate-level Biology. She worked for several years for the Women, Infant and Children Program in San Bernardino, California. Deborah tutored at-risk and special education youth for several years in California, and also has experience working with the elderly in long-term care. She is an American Council on Fitness (ACE) Certified Health Coach.

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