I have been meaning to write a post discussing the connection between autism and casein. Today I'm going to discuss casein-free diet dairy alternatives.

If you are interested in learning about gluten-free alternatives, click here.

Back to the casein-free alternatives…

First of all, I have been pleasantly surprised to find out that ricotta cheese, one of the main ingredients in lasagna, is nearly 100% whey protein. This means that ricotta cheese is nearly 100% casein-free. So, if you are casein intolerant but can eat small amounts of casein without problems, you may be able to tolerate ricotta cheese. To learn the difference between an intolerance and an allergy, click here.

(Stay tuned because we have just finished creating and taste-testing a gluten-free, casein-free lasagna recipe)!

We recently stumbled upon vegan mozzarella cheese that is quite tasty. New Seasons market donates to our church on a regular basis. One of the foods my husband brought home last month was a product called, “Follow Your Heart” Casein-Free Diet Dairy Alternative. It is a mozzarella-type cheese. I have eaten it numerous times in sandwiches, and I really like it! Note that it is not low in fat or saturated fat because it is made with coconut oil.

Casein-Free But Not Low Fat

If you are looking for a lower fat version of cheese, this isn't it. However, if you are looking for casein-free dairy alternatives that taste like cheese, then this might be the product you want. (Not an affiliate). We have a Safeway less than two miles from our house that has 17 assorted products from “Follow Your Heart.” So, I'm confident that this product is readily available in other stores as well. They do carry some of the products at Amazon. However, I'm not sure Amazon has the best price.

“Follow Your Heart” Casein-Free Diet Dairy Alternatives Products include:

  • Mozzarella slices and shreds
  • Cheddar slices and shreds
  • Jack
  • Smoked Gouda
  • Parmesan

Just a quick side note.

I like to use Amazon as a place to learn more about products, even if I don't plan to purchase. Sometimes Amazon has the best prices, sometimes not. But at the very least, I can quickly and easily learn about specific products this way. In fact, I just went to Amazon, and I noticed there is a vegan egg replacement. We are going to have to try some of that egg replacement product!

This is another item on my list of things to do: make egg-free products for people who are allergic to eggs.

A1 Versus A2 Milk

I was watching TV a few months ago when a commercial came on advertising this new product called A2 Milk.

I had never heard of A2 milk.  So, of course I looked it up. It turns out that mutations in cows have caused certain types of milk intolerances in persons sensitive to A1 type milk. The protein that is supposed to be better tolerated is “A2.” Most cow's milk available in stores today contains a combination of A1 and A2 proteins.

“A2 cows are the older breeds of cows (e.g., Jerseys, Asian and African cows). Some five thousand years ago, a mutation occurred in this proline amino acid, converting it to histidine. Cows that have this mutated beta casein are called A1 cows and include breeds like Holstein.”***

I don't know how they could know what happened “5000 years ago” since they weren't there to observe it. And science is supposed to be based on observation. But that's another subject for another day.

At any rate, I find it interesting that the older breeds of cows are the safe cows, since based on a biblical view of science, we should expect to find more mutations in species of cows as time passes, NOT LESS.

The good news is that A2 brand milk is available in some grocery stores in the US and other countries. If you are interested in trying it, check with your local stores. If they don't carry it, you can ask them to, and they just might.

Nutritional Yeast

I see this product in a lot of recipes these days. It's a deactivated form of yeast, and it is used because it has a cheesy, nutty flavor.  Often recipes for casein-free dairy alternatives are cashew-based and have nutritional yeast as part of the recipe.

Oh, and Nutritional Yeast is Extremely Nutritional!

Unfortunately, our son has a slight reaction to cashews. The reaction is very subtle and results in tingling in the back of his throat. To be honest, I thought it was in his head when he first mentioned it to me. But I finally looked it up and discovered that the “tingling in back of the throat” is a real phenomenon and is a sign of a slight allergy to certain foods. Thus, no cashew-based cheese sauce for us.

However, if you are interested in trying cashew-based casein-free diet dairy alternatives,” Bob's Red Mill sells nutritional yeast online. The product has the “cheese” sauce recipe on the back. Plus, you can see the recipe without buying the yeast.

There is a good chance you can find Bob's Red Mill in your local grocery store, because they are well known. We are blessed to have the Mill only about 20 miles away. In fact, we recently went to his 90th birthday party celebration!

I highly recommend Bob's Red Mill products (Not an affiliate). They have a separate dedicated gluten-free facility to avoid cross contamination. And this is just one reason I love them!

Bob's products are also available through Amazon here.

If you are considering a gluten-free, casein-free elimination trial, and you aren't already a subscriber. Click here to access the subscriber only freebies page.

This page, which is accessible only to subscribers, is filled with goodies, including:

  1. A Gluten-Free, Casein-Free diet dairy alternatives, created by the American of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  2. A Checklist of Gluten-Free Foods
  3. A 3-day Food Record that can be printed and duplicated to be used for multiple days.
  4. A Checklist of Foods High in Iron
  5. Many other goodies, including free cards and bookmarks
  6. More are being added weekly (and even more often than that)!

Click here for the subscriber only page. As soon as you register and confirm, you will receive a code that you can use to access the freebies page.

Until next time. Stay tuned for that gluten free, casein free lasagna recipe I mentioned.  Debbie 🙂

Learn more about celiac disease here.



*** The-devil-in-the-milk-dr-thomas-cowan-on-how-a2-milk-is-the-answer-to-the-mystery-of-why-even-raw-milk-sometimes-does-not-seem-to-be-enough-of-an-improvement-over-store-bought/

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