Of course I had to come up with some awesome Father's Day gift ideas for you to get your gift-giving creative juices flowing. And who better to help me with that than my hubby? (Post contains affiliate links).

I mean, if my husband doesn't know what a man wants for Father's Day, who does, right?

So, I put him to work…

And let me tell you, this was no small task for him. He is not, what you would call, “typewriter inclined,” if you know what I mean. He's the “hunting and pecking” kind of typist. Plus, he really had no clue how to use affiliate links before this little project. But guess what? He does now! =) LOL

So, here are some awesome gift ideas for Father's Day that any man will be happy to have.

You will notice that many of these are “cooking” connected. For example barbecue accessories and such. This is because it goes with our theme here on Homeschooling Dietitian Mom. However, my hubby couldn't resist adding a few other gadgets to his list.

In fact, he hasn't said it, but I'm pretty sure this is HIS Father's Day wish list! HA!!Awesome Father's Day Gift Ideas

Awesome Father's Day Gift Ideas

  • Men’s Flannel Long Sleeved Shirt – Flannel shirts come in handy on cold days. Plus, they look really nice and are versatile. For example, they can be worn alone or layered, and are great for camping in the wilderness.
  • Karoad Black License Plate Frames – This is what is needed to keep the license plate from curling up. Men think stuff like this is important.
  • Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount Holder Cradle for iPhone – If your dad is anything like my husband, he likes having his phone propped up while in the car. Especially if you are using GPS. My husband chose this one because he has an iPhone 7, and because the price was right.
  • Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stove – My husband knows about cooking gear, so you can trust that this is a goody.  It is so portable it doesn't even look like a stove. This stove would be great for a hiker or anyone else who's going to be outside for an extended period time, including fishermen. Especially, if they don't like eating cold food or they want to eat their catch right then and there.
  • WORSPODAY Survival Gear Kit – These are always good to have when you are out in the wilderness.

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