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Byron’s Games Connections Stationary Kit

My son, who is 14, is on the autism spectrum. As a result, he struggles socially. Not only that, but he hates writing. So when I saw the Byron’s Games Connections Stationary Kit, I got excited over the possibilities. And it went even better than I expected!


To be perfectly honest, I knew my son would not be a happy camper over the idea of writing a letter. That’s why it is so cool that the Connections Stationary Kit has all of the neat accessories. I expected my son to give me a much harder time. However, that was not the case at all. And I know that part of the reason is that he was able to “cheat” a little.

For example, when he wrote the letters. Because the stationery papers have “Hello” at the top, he only had to write the name of the person. He wrote a total of five letters during the time I was doing the review. Now that’s a lot even for a typical kid!

Another cool thing about the Byron's Games Connections Stationary Kit is the stickers.

There are several choices, including “Hello,” “Miss You,” “Explore,” “Thank You,” a big red heart, and a cool suitcase. Also included is a nice, black felt tip pen.

In addition, the Connections Stationary Kit contains a “Thank You” stamp, along with two choices of colors,  blue and pink.

Obviously, all of the nice accessories make it much easier to sit down and write someone you know to let them know you care.

The Byron’s Games Connections Stationary Kit also includes plenty of envelopes and paper to make many friends and family feel special. The extras also take the pressure off kids who worry about making mistakes.

It was fun to see the progress Nathan made during the process as well. Below are some samples that illustrate what I mean.

The letters Nathan wrote were to the following people, and were written in the order the people are listed.


This was his first letter and he really had no idea what to do. He had never addressed a letter before and he didn't even understand the concept of a stamp. In fact, he needed a full explanation of why we needed a stamp. This was especially important once he realized that we were delivering it to the apartment next door through the post office. 😂

I didn't get a picture of this. However, I can tell you that he told his grandpa about a truck he keeps seeing but hasn't been able to photograph. My son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 13. So, he doesn't really understand back and forth communication. But I liked that he talked about that because I know that his grandpa would appreciate it and know the “inside story.”


The next letter was sent to grandma. His note to her was the temperature in Antarctica, which is crazy cold! (In case you're curious, the current temperature is -44 degrees F, feels like -78 degrees F).

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapist

His third letter was to his ABA Therapist and he wouldn't let us see it. However, I know he didn't use words.

His natural preference is to use pictures when he “writes.”

This is one of the reasons I chose Connections Stationary Kit project for him. I allowed him to do the pictures for this one. However, he obviously needs to use words when writing correspondence to most people.


I was especially pleased with the quick note he sent to his dad. I insisted that it be a “thank you” note. And this worked out well because of the “thank you” stamp. Also, having the “Hello” sticker helped reduce the number of words he had to use while writing. Below is a picture of his dad's letter:


So, this would be me. These are all of Nathan's favorite characters that he is always drawing. I'm not sure what exactly he is trying to say here. However, he did say “Thank You,” which I truly appreciate.

Byron's Games Connections Stationary Kit

The next letter we want him to write is to a young friend he used to hang out with who moved far away. Nathan seemed particularly enthusiastic about this one. So, I will try to update you when he writes this letter!

In conclusion, if you have children who are struggling writers and/or struggle socially, I think the Byron's Games Connections Stationary Kit will be the perfect thing for you to use to help develop these skills. Not only will this cool kit help develop skills but it will help more people to feel important.

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