Did Dinosaurs and Humans Coexist? (Post contains affiliate links).

In continuation of my previous article on “When Did Dinosaurs Live,” I’m going to provide you with a few examples of what kinds of artifacts have been discovered throughout the world. Note that this is only a small sample, and I used, “Dire Dragons: Untold Secrets of Planet Earth,” by Vance Nelson, for my examples.

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Now for the examples.

In The US, Blanding Utah, Natural Bridges National Monument, there is a Sauropod Petroglyph (Rock Art). This was drawn by the Anasazi Indians who lived between 150 BC to 1200 AD.

In fact, Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil TODAY uses signs that are identical to the sauropod petroglyph in Blanding, Utah.Sinclair Oil Sign - Sauropod

In case you never made the connection. The implication is oil comes from dead dinosaurs because oil is a fossil fuel.

This stuff is available in plain sight. However, people have been so conditioned to accept the “fact” that dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago, they don’t even stop and think when they see stuff like this.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a copyright free image of the actual petroglyph, so I can't post it here. But it is in the book by Vance Nelson.

Remember Dinosaurs weren’t discovered until around 1840, and it was decades before scientists had enough fossils to have any realistic idea of how they actually looked. So anything created prior to this time period is either an AMAZING example of the UNCANNY imaginations of the artists depicting these animals (I don’t buy it) OR evidence that the artists saw the dinosaurs with their own eyes.

Did Dinosaurs and Humans Coexist?

  • For example, a brontosaurus petroglyph in Mexico created by the Mayans who lived between 250 AD and 900 AD. If you compare the petroglyph to a modern day reconstruction, there is a striking similarity.
  • In Mexico also, Mayan artifacts include a mural (650-850 AD) depicting dinosaurs and people. In particular, the dinosaur in the mural is identical to modern depictions of Deinonychus reconstructions.
  • Another example is St. George’s Chapel in Barcelona Spain (1548 AD). The chapel contains a depiction of St. George and the Nothosaurus. This artifact is dated around 1600. However, this “semi-aquatic” dinosaur supposedly became extinct 206 million years ago.

In Italy, you will find artist depictions of St. Michael and the Dragon.

  • In England, Carlisle Cathedral, which was built in 1122 AD, contains brass engravings of a bat, dog, wild pig, fox, fish, and a Sauropod.
  • In Wales, in St. David’s Cathedral, built in the 14th century, you will find a carving of a dragon.
    In the Netherlands, the Book of Hours contains depictions of St. George fighting what would today compare to modern day depictions of Coelophysis bauri reconstructions. (Theropod)
  • In France, at the Chateau de Chambord, built between 1515 and 1547 AD, emblems of several different animals alive and well today—except for one–can be found. Oh, but wait. The researchers claim that the dinosaur is a “salamander.” If you look at the emblem (you have to get the book or travel to France to see it), it will become clear to you that the emblem proclaimed to be a salamander looks NOTHING LIKE a salamander.
  • One of my absolute favorite examples is the tapestry in Chateau Royal de Blois, which shows a depiction of a Juvenile Hadrosaur.

This is just a taste of the examples that exist in the world today. Concrete examples, in my opinion, of just how dogmatic those who subscribe to the theory of evolution can be. But also concrete examples that:


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When did dinosaurs live?

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