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I realize I am not a teen, though sometimes I feel like one. 🙂 However, when I had the opportunity to try the Etsy Master Class for Teens in exchange for a review, I jumped at the chance.

I have been trying to get going on Etsy for a few months now. And I had tried previously with no success.

This was why I was excited to learn that I could take an Etsy Master Class to help me do better on Etsy.

I must say that this class will most definitely help your teen (and you if you are creative) get started on Etsy.

And if your teen has beautiful handmade products, she (or he) will be successful at selling them.

All of the tools and directions are included in the Etsy Master Class for Teens.  Your teen will not only have their store up and running by the end of class, but will have a better handle on the business side of things.

A full 70 plus page workbook is included with the class. This workbook will help your teen sort out new ideas, brainstorm, plan, and glide easily through the process. The workbook complements the videos.

If your teens have never set up a store before, they can use Abby's link and get 40 free listings. That alone is worth 8 bucks. Which reminds me. Of course, the class can be used by more than one person. So, every separate store set up by a unique individual, as long as you use Abby's link, will get 40 free listings.

Some Highlights:

  1. In the first module – Abby gives you a background of where Etsy came from, how long they've been around, how it works, etc.
  2. She recommends several excellent books, one of which I read and found enormous value in. The book, “My Story Brand,” helped me to sharpen my focus and to gain further insight into how to reach my readers and better assist them.
  3. She provides an outline for how to set up your Etsy store as well as 40 free listings, like I mentioned before.
  4. Abby provides guidance and worksheets (click here for a sample) to help with keyword and tag research (as well as defining what these terms mean).
  5. There is help on how to determine the best price for your products; how to create profit margins, etc.
  6. You will receive extensive advice on creating better photos, including where to go to get the best lighting, the best tools to use for great photos, and more.
  7. Help with creating a logo (which I used and now am very happy with).
  8. A log sheet for keeping track of time spent and work on class.
  9. And Much More.

Speaking of which, your teen can earn high school credit for this class.

Up to 1 full unit of high school credit can be obtained, depending on your state's laws, and how much time your teen spends on the class. There are forms to fill out to help with recording keeping for this.

Direction on how to use keywords, tags, and how to determine price is included, and will provide valuable insight on how to market your product so that people actually see it on Etsy.

Abby also provides assistance with creating logos. I found this section particularly helpful because I had been struggling with finding the right look. After going through the section on logos, I actually found a logo I like and will probably stick with. That was very satisfying to me!

Another helpful topic was her section on photos, lighting and photography.

As you know, I take a lot of pictures. However, many of the pictures are not up to the best standards. This is because my husband and I lack experience. After gaining wisdom from Abby's experience with photography, my husband, especially, is well on his way to making outstanding pictures.

After going through this awesome class, I decided Etsy is not the right platform for my products because they are all digital.* However, I most certainly did not waste my time. I learned many valuable skills and insights that I am applying to my blog and other areas of my life. My husband also completed parts of the master class and learned as well.

*UPDATE 5/4/2020 – Abby updated her course to help with selling digital products. YAY!

Also, when my son is in high school. I plan to have him work through this class for high school credit. So that's three people taking the class for the price of one. When you consider the fact that an unlimited number of people in your household can take the course, the value seems even greater.

To give you a little tiny taste of the course, here is a brainstorming sheet to get your teen started. AND last but not least, here is a 20% off coupon available through me only.

The code is homeschooldietmom and will only be available for a limited time.

Not ready for Etsy? Want to try to make some extra cash selling on Ebay? Well Abby also has a mini-course that you can take (or your teen can take) to learn how to sell on Ebay. Click here to check out the EBay mini-course now.

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