First week of school! We made it!

It is officially the end of our first week of 8th grade and our first week of using the Stability Ball for PE. That went WAY better than expected! We had first used the stability ball when Nathan was maybe 4 years old. It lasted about two weeks and one of the cats punctured a hole into it. We didn't buy another one because of concerns it would happen again. But after spending all summer reviewing exercise ideas, I decided to try again. I am so glad I did! Nathan actually loves this tool. He didn't complain about anything I asked him to do. And now we are keeping it on the top rung of our cat tree where it is safe and sound.

This is the Stability Ball we use. We purchased it from Amazon for $17.99. It comes with an air pump, directions, and measuring tape to help make sure that you inflate it to just the right size. If you decide to purchase a Stability Ball, make sure you pick the size that matches your height. We got the Medium, which according to the American Council of Exercise, is appropriate for 5  ft. 1  inches to 5 ft.  8 inches of height.  Nathan is 5 ft. 2 inches currently, so he will have room to grow.

First week of school is usually not so bad since we're rested from the nice long summer break. I will have to see how things go in the next few weeks. 

1/1/2019 Update: We have been using the stability ball as much as possible, and Nathan is becoming more independent thanks to his Exercise Buddy App, though there are still a few bugs to work out with the app–things the manufacturer is working on. But it is very freeing to be able to assign him a workout and not have to be there with him the whole time. He is 13 years old, so he is becoming more independent. This too is a relief!


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