Food Hang-ups…Why Diets Don’t Work

When you’re on a healthy eating trend, do you call it a “diet?” Studies show that “diets” don’t work for the long term. Why? Because they look and feel like a temporary change. Our food hang-ups that we hold in the back of our minds see dieting as the means to an end which you can quit doing once you reach your goal.

Diet don’t work because we must change our mindset before we can adopt a healthy way of eating and living that doesn’t stop once we reach that number on the scale that we’re striving for or drop that pants size.

So, you do the “diet” and lose the weight.

You have the wedding or take the vacation that you worked so hard to get fit and fabulous for. Then your brain tells you, “Mission accomplished, now we can finally eat “normally”. And so, you fall right back into the “normal” way of eating– that is, the way of eating that you *think* is normal because it’s what you were brought up with.

So, if you were brought up to pile food on your plate and then eat it all… if you were brought up to ALWAYS have dessert after dinner… if a late-night snack of ice cream before bed was the NORM in your family… then that’s what you’ll lapse back into.

Food Hang-ups...Why Diets Don't Work

As soon as the “diet” is over and within months of returning to old eating habits, you’re right back where you started.

Not to mention, if you decide to make healthy changes in how you eat your meals, you'll inevitably be pulled back into your old ways by people and your family and friends.

So, what's the biggest boost you can give yourself in making healthy dietary changes that aren't just a diet but become a way of life? How do you break the cycle of your food hang-ups?

Food Hang-ups...Why Diets Don't Work

The very first step is awareness.

You don't have to judge or criticize your family or the people that you spend your time with for their food hang-ups, or bad habits, or whatever they do that could be standing in your way of good health. But you can simply observe and become cognizant of people's attitudes and behaviors around food and eating.

Become aware of how people conduct themselves at mealtime. For example, listen to what they say about food and eating, what their beliefs about food are. See if you can pinpoint why eating is often the focal point of their activities. This will help you identify what you want to change because you can clearly see that it isn’t working for them. Which means it won’t work for you – not if you want to be fit and healthy for the rest of your life.

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