Autumn Bookmarks and more. Hopefully everyone had a good week. The leaves are yellow and all over the ground in my neck of the woods. I'm always reminded every year why this season is nicknamed, “Fall.” (Post may contain affiliate links).

I've been plugging away at this fledgling blog all week, creating content that I hope will benefit my readers. Content on healing nutrition and exercise is what I am focusing on, because I know that it is so important.

I recently finished an article on the importance of getting adequate amounts of magnesium in your diet. Magnesium is a mineral that is extremely important for our nervous systems to function as they should. Not only is magnesium important for healthy bodies, but most people's magnesium intake is low. This is especially a problem for picky eaters as well as children with autism.

Like I mentioned previously, healing includes not just removing the toxic stuff from our diet, but also making sure we are getting all of the good stuff our bodies need to function at their peak.

I recently completed an information booklet, “Allergy or Intolerance, How to Tell the Difference.” If you get confused by the difference, you really should check this free booklet out. Hopefully, this information will prove beneficial to you.

Speaking of allergies, here is some information to help you if you or anyone in your family has a gluten intolerance.

If you do a lot of reading, you probably use a lot of bookmarks. Check out some of my bookmarks here:

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