I recently released my UPDATED “Meal Planning for Kids” curriculum, which teaches kids Healthy eating on a Budget. In this curriculum, children Pre-K through 12th grade learn foundational nutrition science while having fun.

I chose to create “Meal Planning for Kids” for many reasons. First, consider these statistics:

My “Meal Planning for Kids” was designed to indirectly address the above issue and more.

As I am sure you already realize, knowing how to eat healthy and stay on a budget can be a challenging skill to learn. But it is SO important! By instructing your children through this curriculum,

You will be educating your children on creating a real-life budget based on real prices at a real grocery store.

It doesn't get any more practical than that!

Your children aren't going to simply create a budget, however. They are going to create a budget that is nutritionally adequate, calorie-appropriate, and delicious for the entire family.

One of the assignments for the curriculum is to create a 2-day menu or meal plan for a family of four. However, it can be adjusted, depending on your family's size. This is just ONE of the many assignments you will be able to schedule for your kids to do.

I am master's degree-level Registered Dietitian and I studied Public Health for my master's degree. Thus, I think it's important to focus on prevention. For example, teaching kids behaviors and choices that will lead to a healthy weight and a healthy body. When a person grows up with a healthy weight and body, they are less likely to develop diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension.

Note, however, that this curriculum is not weight-focused. This is simply one example of how it can be applied.

My overriding goal is to teach kids important health science and nutrition principles that meet scholastic requirements and build life-long skills. And “Meal Planning for Kids” will help them to achieve health and well-being as adults.

Kids also develop research and writing skills, critical thinking, and budgeting while completing this curriculum.

LOTS of hands-on, practical activities are included in this 147-page curriculum package.

Activities include real-life skills. For example, how to pick the best, most nutritious foods, at the best price, while at the real supermarket. Kids will also learn what goes on behind the scenes at the grocery store, what influences prices, and more.

Once kids complete this course, they will be proficient at planning a menu for an entire family.

Plus, this curriculum assists kids in gaining valuable experience working as a team.

“Meal Planning for Kids” is appropriate for preschoolers, elementary, middle, and high schoolers.

So, if you have multiples, “Meal Planning for Kids” is an economical way to meet health science requirements for all the kids in your family, pre-K through 12th grade.

High school kids (9th-12th grade) who spend at least 150 hours completing this course (which is absolutely possible considering the amount of work included), will earn 1 full unit of high school credit.

The time to take advantage of this package which will teach your kids “Healthy Eating on a Budget” is NOW.

Included with this thorough course is a Bonus Activity Book which enhances the health science activities in the main course, allowing for further collaboration and time spent on subject. A $5.00 value.

*I have included in the BONUS section, the Entire set of FDA-created materials (complete with tables and a glossary) that will allow for your children to complete the questions I have included related to vitamins, minerals, label reading, the several types of carbohydrates (sugars, sugar alcohols, fiber), fats (saturated, unsaturated, trans-fat), proteins, sodium, cholesterol, and more. This will make it easier for your students to answer the lengthy and involved questions I have created to go with the FDA-created materials. (These questions could satisfy college requirements as well).

Meal Planning for Kids is a digital download/printable type course. 147 pages

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Or better yet, click here to grab the bundle and get an even better deal!

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