Keep Up Dance Lessons at Home

Did the pandemic derail your or your child’s dance participation? Take heart! While nothing can replace professional in-studio sessions, you can devise a studio for your home that will take the edge off until the pandemic is a distant memory. What’s more, it could even become a flex room for your own fitness or hobby activities. Check out the following tips and resources so you can ensure those beloved dance sessions hardly skip a beat.

Build Your Repertoire

Nothing can compare with in-studio dance lessons. The insights of a professional dancer helping you hone your technique are invaluable, but you can use this opportunity to explore some new styles, bond and have fun!

  • Keep on your toes with ballet.
  • Spice up your youngster’s program with some basic Latin moves.
  • Have a blast dancing to family-friendly tunes.
  • Work on your waltz.
  • Get groovy with disco.

Keep Dance Lessons at Home

Skills and Benefits

Now is the perfect time to not only build your repertoire, but it’s also an ideal opportunity to build family fitness. What’s more, it’ll help you get through the quarantine physically and mentally, and when you come out on the other side of things, you’ll be ready to take the studio by storm!

Your Personal Studio

Your in-home studio can be as large or as small as you need. For dance families, you might want to designate a room so everyone can practice together. Individuals might get by with a dedicated corner for practice.

  • A garage or basement can be the ideal place for focused practice.
  • If you can’t dedicate a bigger space, explore creative solutions for smaller rooms.
  • Keep in mind that upgrades you make can be reflected in your home’s value.
  • One solution is to add a mirror to your child’s closet doors and clear some floor space.
  • You can get a mirror kit delivered to your home.
  • Avoid bringing the virus home to your family when bringing in materials and supplies.
  • If finding cleaning supplies is tough, there are safe DIY options.

The pandemic might have thrown off your family’s rhythm, but there is no reason to give up dance practice altogether. Your own family-friendly dance space is a chance to keep up motivation and fitness. Set up a room at home and have some fun with it!

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