Jen Merckling from “Ready for Reading” has created some adorable hands-on books based on the timeless children’s classics. Included in her series so far is The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. Also, Goldilocks & The Three Pigs, plus my Favorite as a Kid The Gingerbread Man! (This post contains affiliate links).

Totally affordable at only $6.00 per e-book, this is a totally unique way to introduce your preschool and kindergarten children to the love of reading.

Each book is at least 30 pages long and is in full color with super cute pictures of the characters. For example,

Little Red Riding Hood:

Read With Me Story – Combination of words and pictures so that your child can read along with you.

Order of Events – perfect way for your child to practice putting events in the order they in which they occur

Memory Cards – Jen says this is always one her kids’ favorite games.

Story Narration – Let your child tell the story and you write down what he says.

Color-by-Number Pages – Practice learning numbers, letters, and identifying colors.

Each book is retold in a unique way by Jen, and she uses pictures in every sentence to make reading easier. 🙂

Ready for Reading Phonics is Jen’s “big” reading program. Purchasing one of these short fairy tales is a great, inexpensive way to test out her awesome products without putting a dent in your pocketbook.

Opportunity for coloring, cutting and pasting, putting the story pieces in order, as well as pictures mixed with short words to help your child feel successful on her road to becoming a great reader!

Click here to find out more about Little Red Riding Hood as well as Jen’s other adorable books.

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