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When I first saw the Math-U-See Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Addition and Subtraction, I didn’t realize it was designed for more than just first time math fact learners.

I was wrong.

In fact, AIM was specifically designed for older students (8-16 years old) who have gaps in foundational math concepts.

For example, even if your child currently studies pre-algebra or algebra (like my son), the Math-U-See Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Addition and Subtraction may be a great choice. How is this math program helpful? Let me explain.

The first thing you want to do for your student is administer the Free Math-U-See AIM pretest.

My son scored 32 (with around 100 being the cutoff level). After giving him the pretest, I knew this program would benefit him.

My son depends on a calculator and has for several years. Using a calculator enables him to continue to move forward in math.

Despite this, it sometimes bothers me that he can’t quickly give me the answer to basic math facts like 5+6 or 10-3. At least until we got our hands on this unique program.

One of the reasons I believe my son struggles with math facts is because he is more right-brained in his thinking. This is the kind of thinking that the manipulatives in AIM are useful for.

There are several aspects to the Math-U-See Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Addition and Subtraction program.

For example,

  • Introductory videos help the teacher prepare and teach each lesson.

Math How to videos

  • A hard copy resource guide can be used for lesson planning.  (In fact, everything showing in the picture at the top of the page is what you receive when you purchase the inexpensive AIM program).
  • When you purchase this program you will also receive digital copies so that you can reprint if necessary.
  • The short videos do an excellent job of reinforcing each lesson.
  • Manipulatives provide hours of hands-on practice and fun.


  • A Worksheet Maker is available online so you can customize each worksheet. For example, you can reduce the number of problems on each page.
  • Colored pencils are included to help with the coloring exercises.*
  • A variety of online digital activities and exercises are included as well. For example, the two images below show a digital manipulative program that a child can use to solve the math problems. The blocks show the blue block of 10 as reference. When the child is adding 9 and another number (7), looking at the 10 block clarifies the answer. Especially if your kid does the lessons in order. The number blocks are color coded. The idea is to be able to simply look at a block of 7 and know it’s 7 because it’s a certain color rather than counting up 7.

Digital BlocksMy son is a slow processor and he questions everything. However, he would much rather use hands-on manipulatives and do digital activities than write the answers down. Since there is obviously a time and a place for writing (and saying) the answer, the. Math-U-See AIM program was a good match.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

For example, the reinforcing theme is “Build, Write, Say.”

17 different “Build, Write, Say,” activities are provided in addition to the main worksheet activities. So many ideas! We couldn’t possibly use them all. but it’s a great aspect of the kit because you have choices that you can make depending on the unique needs of your children. A few examples:

  1. Build a Fact
  2. Subtraction Scavenger Hunt
  3. The Train Hitch (my son’s favorite)!
  4. Building a Wall of Tens
  5. Building a Bridge
  6. And lots more!

Just before I finished up my review today, I asked my son if he feels like the program is helping him remember his facts, and he said, “Yes.”

*The only thing my son did not like was the feeling of the colored pencils that were included in our box. My son has sensory processing issues and as a result he felt that the pencils were too hard. Thus, after he used them for a day he refused to use them at all. He instead used our own pencils, which are a bit softer. That was not a significant problem. But I did want to mention that the pencils included in the package at this time are hard. Thus, some children might prefer their own softer pencils. It certainly isn’t something that would deter me from buying AIM in the future.

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Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Addition and Subtraction {Math-U-See Reviews}

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