I love to read! This is one reason why I never have too many printable Christmas bookmarks.

Even though I use my Kindle for much of what I read, I still have lots of hard copy books to read as well. Plus, I usually have several books going at the same time. As a result, I’m always looking for cute printable bookmarks to use.

Even though I’m a Registered Dietitian by training, I am also a creative soul at heart. Since It seems like I can never find a bookmark to use when I need one, I decided to make my own printable Christmas bookmarks to use and to share.

I also have some digital Christmas cards in the store. See below for those.

I created these printable bookmarks especially for my readers which is why they are free.

In case you are concerned about how much ink you will use printing these bookmarks. I have printed several different bookmarks and a couple of Christmas cards, and I still have not needed to change the ink in our printer.

We have a Hewlett Packer printer. HP has an awesome printer service that we use. Previously, we had to spend $15-$20 per ink cartridge every single time we had to replace a cartridge. Since getting our HP printer, and subscribing to InstantInk.com, we only spend $4.99 a month for up to 100 pages.

Any pages we don’t print in the current month are rolled over to the next month. For example, we currently have 7 rollover pages in addition to the 100 for this month. If we have a lot of printing to do that month, or if we go over, we simply upgrade to whatever plan fits.

Plans range from $2.99 to $9.99 per month, and it’s super easy to switch back and forth as needed. If you need support, they are there to help. They send you ink automatically, and it does not cost extra for the ink.

We have saved A LOT of money and stress with this plan. Of course, the only limitation is that you own a HP printer, since the ink cartridges only work for HP printers.

Instructions for Printing and Making the Printable Christmas Bookmarks

1. Print bookmarks on white card stock, using the Highest or Best Quality setting on your printer. (See Pictures below)
2. If you want a two-sided bookmark, cut around the outside of the bookmark.
3a. Fold in half using a bone folder so that the ends line up.
3b. Dab glue on inside part and put together.
NOTE: (On the darker colored ones, if you don’t want the white to show, you can cut the inside white off and simply glue the two sides together, back-to-back).
4. If you want a ribbon on your bookmark, punch a hole into the top middle of the bookmark. Make sure the hole is big enough for the ribbon to fit through.
5. Cut ribbon, place through hole, tie twice for a knot. Add a bow if you prefer. You can get even fancier by using more than one ribbon, adding buttons or other fun gadgets.
6. Have Fun with your printable Christmas bookmarks!

Here are some pics showing a sample bookmark I made:

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*Snowman Reindeer image courtesy of My Cute Graphics


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