Are Mythical Dragons Real?

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Are Mythical Dragons Real?

Were Mythical Dragons Ever Real? YES! They were. In fact, there is evidence they are still around today.

Evidence for Dragons in all Seven Continents

  • Africa – Congo, Ethiopia, and Mali
  • Antarctica – Under ice remains
  • Asia – China and Iraq
  • Australia
  • Europe – Greece, Italy, UK/England, France, Scotland
  • North and Central America – USA, Canada, and Mexico
  • South America – Peru
  • And many more!

History and Archaeology hold tons of clues about what dragons looked like as well.

Included in this 100 plus page product:

  • 18-week suggested semester schedule with links for further study
  • PowerPoint Slideshow that you can use to present to your students

50 pages of activities for all ages, preschool through high school including:

  • Geography (Social Studies)
  • Mapping and labeling (Social Studies)
  • Writing and critical thinking skills (Language Arts)
  • Research (Language Arts, Archaeology, Science)
  • Puzzles (Language Arts)
  • Coloring and dot-to-dot activities (Art and Math)
  • Book making (Hot Dog Book, Tag Book, and more)
  • Drawing Activity (Art)

Zip file includes

  • PDF that includes all files combined
  • Separate PowerPoint Slideshow
  • PDF of Activities pack
  • 18-week EDITABLE semester schedule (PowerPoint).
  • BONUS Draw a 3-Headed Dragon Sheet
  • Core Curriculum Requirements Met through Study


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