Bundle of Bookmarks and Cute Cards



UPDATED!! Bundle of Bookmarks and Cute Cards – I have GREATLY expanded this Super Bundle of Bookmarks and Cute Cards.

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47 Different Bookmarks

Bookmarks and cards make awesome gifts for Christmas and other occasions.

And since they are designed to be printed, cut out and decorated:

This would be a perfect gift for a girl in your life who loves to create do-it-yourself crafts!

And of course, bookmarks are always a useful thing to have around.

But these bookmarks aren't just useful! Many of these bookmarks have encouraging scripture verses which are sure to lift her spirits when she is having a rough day.  This is also a painless way to memorize God's Word.

By the way, I have included nearly ALL of my bookmark kits into one set in addition to adding 14 Absolutely Adorable Bonus Cards.

These Bookmarks and Cards will make PERFECT Stocking Stuffers or Secret Santa gifts. And there's 47 of them!

In fact, a gift card is included for you to print and stick inside a stocking or elsewhere to announce a special, surprise gift.

And sold separately this Huge Bundle would be worth AT LEAST $25!!!

This Do-it-Yourself Super Bundle includes the following:

(Bookmark size is 2″ x 6″ and can be decorated with ribbon and other accessories).

That's a total of 47 Bookmarks!

But Wait There's More…

14 CUTE CARDS Are Also Part of This GIGANTIC Super Bundle!

  • 8 Different Birthday Cards (Mom, Dad, Friends, Fun)
  • 2 Thank You Cards
  • BONUS! 2 Beautiful Sympathy Cards and 2 Encouragement Cards

These are high image quality, printable cards.  Perfect for birthdays, friendships, thank yous, and other special occasions. Not only will the do-it-yourself crafter enjoy these as her very own, but they will save her LOTS of money. (Have you priced Greeting Cards lately)?

Just print, fold, and cut for a GORGEOUS double-sided picture, front and back.

So for only $5, you can give a gift of 47 Bookmarks and 14 Cards!!!

Cards fit A6 and A7  size envelopes.

For directions on cutting, folding, gluing, and decorating bookmarks, click here

By the way, I recommend that you use white cardstock for best results and greatest sturdiness for both cards and bookmarks.

A7 envelopes can be found here.

And A6 Envelopes can be found here.

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