This Colors of Nutrition and Food Science Activity Pack is chock full of goodies!

Included in this 75 page workbook are dozens of gorgeous fruit and vegetable pictures, activity ideas, worksheets, research assignments, and useful information that targets all age groups from pre-school to college-level. There is something for every child in your house. And you might learn something too!

The Colors of Nutrition and Food Science Activity Pack focuses on food science and food chemistry. But by the time kids finish the activities, they will also have learned interesting facts on food technology, food manufacturing, and civics.

This bundle includes a power point slideshow in addition to a pdf file.

UPDATE 4/30/20 I have fixed the “bugs” and added a clickable table of contents. Just a reminder that the PowerPoint Slideshow is fully animated and does not require the PowerPoint program to use. 

This Bundle includes

The Colors of Vegetables Matching Activity Pack
The Colors of Fruits Matching Activity Pack

Healthy Eating and Nutrition Activities Middle School

Healthy eating high school

Fruits and vegetables theme

Food science project

Healthy eating and nutrition activities preschool


Early elementary

Late elementary

Food and nutrition worksheets.

Images from Whimsy Clips, Pretty Grafik Design, Digital Artsi and Scrappin Doodles.

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  1. Sarah Bean

    This product is great for all ages, and perfect for family style school. From the colors of fruits and vegetables, to what the colors mean. This unit has it all, and even covers some advanced nutrition in preparation for college!

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