Teach your children from an early age the importance of the colors of fruit for good health and nutrition. Plus teach color identification and help your child become familiar with the variety of delicious fruits available to eat.

In addition to the basic matching for the little ones, you can have your older kids do the cutting, and can put the fruit matches in a poster type display or bulletin board. Your middle school and older can turn it into a research project. They can research what makes cantaloupe orange, for example. Or you could have your kids create a recipe using one or more of the fruits.

Booklet includes:

Color words (example: the word “YELLOW” is typed in “YELLOW” and is surrounded by a “YELLOW” square. This word would match any YELLOW colored fruit picture).

Color fruit name words (example: CANTALOUPE word is ORANGE and would match with ORANGE CANTLOUPE picture).

29 High Quality Printable Fruit Pictures
7 Printable Color Word Cards
28 Printable Fruit Word Cards

This is the first in a series of booklets exploring the natural colors of fruits and vegetables.

Images from Whimsy Clips, Pretty Grafik Design, and Digital Artsi


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