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Creation – Young Earth vs Old Earth. (Post may contain affiliate links).

Since my original Paleontologist Kids Creation/Evolution Unit Study is designed for Pre-K through 8th grade. I decided to break it apart for those of you who would just like the portions that fit the age group of your kids.

This unit study is designed for up to 3rd grade level, though it can be used for older kids as well. If you have a 5th or older child, you might want to consider the full unit study as it is more in-depth and includes the Jeopardy Game.

Designed to be affordable, this product also does not include the Jeopardy game or the charts and tables. You can find these in the full unit study.

If you would like to purchase the Jeopardy game with this product, see below for link to the combo bundle, which is currently in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

In Creation – Young Earth vs Old Earth – Your children will learn:

  1. Lots of new vocabulary words related to fossils, the fossil record, dinosaurs and more.
  2. This unit study also includes simple clip art of fossils for matching and to help with learning the words.
  3. Facts about Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex), Stegasoraus, Rapter, and Pteranodon,
  4. Labeling the skeleton of these same dinosaurs.

Note that the Preview shows the tables and charts which are not available in this unit study. To Purchase the full Unit Study, Click here.

Click here to purchase just the Jeopardy Game.

Click here to purchase the Full Pre-K to 8th Paleontologist Kids Unit Study with the Jeopardy Game.

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