Dinosaurs, Dragons, & Birds Bundle


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Dinosaurs, Dragons, and Birds Bundle includes the following products:

Did Birds Evolve from Dinosaurs? – $9.97 value

  1. Sorting Mats for hands-on learning about the connection between birds and dinosaurs. Your children will learn:
  2. The difference between a bird and a dinosaur
  3. Whether it makes sense that one evolved into the other.
  4. Kids decide for themselves. They can do their own research, for example, and write about what they find.

Lots of facts are included and already researched. However, you are welcome to do your own extended research. Great opportunity to develop critical thinking skills.

In addition to the basic sorting mats, the dinosaur bird sorting mats are ideal for kids who don't like writing or who struggle with writing in an efficient way.

Preschool Dinosaurs Coloring Book and Activity Pack – $3.99 value

Silly Dragons Coloring Pages – $1.99 value

BONUS: Valentine's Day Ginger Bookmarks – $3.00 value

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I decided to include a bonus gift for purchasing this bundle. Kids love these cute gingerbread in the kitchen bookmarks.

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