Food Safety for Kids



Food Safety for Kids

Food Safety is So Important!

I created this kid-friendly food safety in the kitchen activity pack to reinforce the importance of food safety and to prevent foodborne illness.

Included in this Food Safety for Kids activity pack:

1. The four steps in preventing food poisoning

2. What is Cross Contamination and how to Prevent it

3. What is Food Poisoning?

4. List of foods at risk for causing food poisoning

5. Clean and Sanitize: What's the Difference

6. How to Proper Clean and Sanitize more than just your hands

7. Information on several types of cutting boards and how color coding can make cross-contamination less likely to happen

8. Activities to reinforce important principles of food safety and to become familiar with common kitchen appliances

  • Fill in the Blank Responses (full sentence and words)
  • Flash Cards to help with learning temperatures
  • Coloring and Matching
  • And more


32 pages, downloadable pdf – written by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


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