God Created the Sun and Moon


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God Created the Sun and Moon – the 6th in my God Created Growing Series.*

Cool Solar System Project focusing on the Sun and Moon

Simple activities include:

  1. Solar Power and the Sun
  2. Phases of the Moon Activity
  3. Crossword Puzzles on the Solar System
  4. Coloring
  5. Simple Reading and Writing
  6. Bible Verse practice
  7. Links for further research on the Solar System

25 pages, pdf – downloadable, printable file, answer key included.

Others in the God Created Series include:

  1. God Created Humans
  2. God Created Earth
  3. God Created Plants
  4. God Created Ocean Animals
  5. God Created Dinosaurs
  6. God Created Birds

God Created the Sun and Moon

*The first one, God is Created Dinosaurs is free and you can grab it here.


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