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Halloween Food Science and Math – Just in time for the Autumn, Fall, and Halloween season!

I created this Fall, Autumn, and Halloween activity PACKED unit study to help you teach your kids about Food Science and Nutrition. There’s opportunity for practical math skills as well.

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Halloween Food Science and Math Activities and materials include:

1. Research and writing about candy, including learning about natural color and flavor choices available.

2. Hands-on math involving grocery shopping and researching the cost of candy,
and comparing the price of natural versus artificially flavored candy.

3. Researching unfamiliar fruits and vegetables in-season during the month of October.

4. Beautiful portrait with list of in-season fruits and vegetables as well as bonus clip art to use in various projects of your choice.

5. Extra links for deeper research and super cool ideas. For example, games and chemistry/food science projects (up to high school level) as well as ideas for seasonal cuisine.

Halloween Food Science and Math BONUS

3 different printable Halloween math games, in addition to one Cartesian plane picture, one ordering decimals worksheet, and one probability activity. (Answer keys included).


– Colorful worksheets to practice counting up to 9 as well as worksheets to practice addition and subtraction

– PLUS Two free black and white 5 x 7 folding cards for your preschooler to color. (1 cat and 1 dog)

  • Harvest/Fall/Autumn Greeting Cards, including invitation kit and baby announcement. 

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