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Halloween Food Science and Math – Just in time for the Autumn Fall Halloween season!

I have created an activity PACKED unit study to help you teach your kids about Food Science and Nutrition, with a little bit of math practice as well.

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Activities and materials include:

1. Research and writing about candy, including learning about natural color and flavor choices availabe.

2. Hands-on math involving grocery shopping and researching the cost of candy,
and comparing the price of natural versus artificially flavored candy.

3. Researching unfamiliar fruits and vegetables in-season during the month of October.

4. Beautiful portrait with list of in-season fruits and vegetables and bonus clip art to use in various projects of your choice.

5. Extra links for deeper research and super cool ideas for games and chemistry/food science projects (up to high school level) as well as ideas for seasonal cuisine.

Halloween Food Science and Math BONUS

3 different printable Halloween math games, including one cartesian plane picture, 1 ordering decimals worksheet, and 1 probability activity. (Answer keys included).


My brand new preschool counting, addition, and subtraction activity kit is also included with this purchase. Included in this pack:

Colorful worksheets to practice counting up to 9

Worksheets for practicing addition and subtraction

PLUS Two free black and white 5 x 7 folding cards for your preschooler to color. (1 cat and 1 dog)

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