This July 4th Activities Pack is Perfect for your family to work on together!

Your preschoolers, kindergarteners, elementary, middle school, AND high school kids will love working on this project together.

Unit Studies are perfect for short bursts of learning, which often don't even feel like learning. This Unit Study will teach and reinforce previously learned facts on the history of the Declaration of Independence and the reason behind the US celebration on the 4th of July.

July 4th Activities Pack includes the following projects:

Younger kids can color and play the included matching game
They can also cut out the black and white pictures, color them and create their own story.
Older kids can solve the crossword puzzle and word search included
All Children can work together to answer the questions, which gives them practice with social skills, collaboration, and working as a team.
Have your kids research the answers on their own using the internet or local library

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