Lactose Intolerance or Protein Allergy? Free eBook



E-book Lactose Intolerance or Protein Allergy? How to Tell the Difference.

Do you or someone you love have nausea, gas, or diarrhea whenever you consume cow's milk or milk products?

If so, you may have a lactose intolerance or a cow's protein allergy. It's important to learn what the difference is so that you can determine whether you should completely avoid cow's milk and products (allergy) or whether you can tolerate lesser amounts (lactose intolerance).

I created this book to help you understand the difference and to give you tips on what to do to be sure which one of these annoying food issues you have.

I also discuss the difference between casein and whey protein and what to do if you suspect you have a casein protein allergy.

My e-book, Lactose Intolerance or Protein Allergy,” is currently free. So go ahead and grab it while it's still available.

9 pages

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