Middle School Math and Science – Noah’s Ark



Middle School Math and Science – Noah's Ark

Are you looking for a STEAM based project that is unique and appropriate for middle school? Look no farther!

My Noah's Ark Project includes an abundance of activities that will satisfy every one of the categories of STEAM–and then some!

For example,

  • Science – Studying animals, eating behavior, storage and preservation of foods, meal planning and recipe development. (Biology, Zoology, Food Science, Nutrition, and more)!
  • Technology – Students can study what may have been involved with storing the food, how they fed the animals, what the animals ate, what the humans ate, and more!
  • Engineering – Students can produce a model of an ark based on the original dimensions as described in the Bible, and more!
  • Art – So many ideas! Sketching, painting, sculpting, carving, creating a model of the ark, and creative writing all fall under this category!
  • Math – Multiple step worksheets are included to help the students work through the process of mathematically creating a scale model based on the original dimensions.

And then there's:

  • English/Language Arts – Write essays discussing the how and what; creative writing assignments can include what students imagine it would have been like to live on the ark for a year, what they would have eaten, etc. HUGE vocabulary building will occur as a result of completing the projects in this activity pack!
  • History – The Bible is a history book. Learning about what the Bible says about the ark and Noah and his family will expand students' understanding of the Bibe especially if they've never read the Bible before. Bible verses are included and lots of questions and ideas for research opportunities are included.
  • Literature – Since the people in the Bible lived in the Middle East, this is a PERFECT multicultural activity!

Also, lots of critical thinking questions are included as well!

My Noah's Ark Project is JAM-PACKED with activities and resources. You can pick and choose based on individual classroom needs and student learning needs.

62 pages, downloadable, printable, pdf


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