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Nutrient Dense Foods – Vitamins is a sorting mat education pack I created to help you teach your children which foods are high in important vitamins.  (Post may contain affiliate links).
Learning about nutrition, food science, fruits and vegetables, breads and cereals, protein foods is fun! Plus it encourages healthy choices for everyone in the family.
Nutrient dense foods include spinach, avocados, and bananas, which are high in folic acid, vitamin B6, and other important vitamins.
My Vitamin Sorting Mats reinforce which foods are nutrient dense and which vitamins they contain.
These sorting mat activities challenge children to make healthy food choices.

Nutrient Dense Foods – Vitamins includes:

  1. Identifying, cutting and pasting. and matching fruits, vegetables, breads, grains, cereals, meats, beans, and each of the 11 different vitamins.
  2. Answering questions and defining terms
  3. Increasing vocabulary in subject specific area of science – Family and Consumer Science, Food Science, Nutrition, Home Economics
  4. Practice with reading new terms and following directions
  5. Coloring pages for the younger children in the family
  6. Updated on 10/16/20 – errors corrected, realistic looking vitamin bottles added, and super challenging questions and opportunity for research (great for older kids).
71 pages total including answer key.
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