Nutrition for Pregnancy



Nutrition for Pregnancy – Recipes to Help You Start Out Right

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Concise but thorough e-book to help ensure your unborn baby and you are getting the right nutrients for best help during Pregnancy and after.

Included in this 34-page e-book:


  • 3 Reasons You Need Folate before and during pregnancy.
  • Foods high in Folate
  • Folate Rich Lentil Stew

Iron (and Vitamin C)

  • The Importance of Iron
  • Best Sources of Iron and Vitamin C
  • Food Combinations to Boost Iron Absorption
  • Iron Rich Recipes

The Importance of Calcium and Vitamin D

  • Calcium in Selected Dairy Products
  • Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium
  • Calcium in Other Vegetables
  • Delicious Cream of Vegetable Soups Everyone Will Love

Omega-3s (Fish Oils)

  • The Importance of Omega-3s
  • Fish Safe to Consume 2-3 Times a Week
  • Fish Safe to Consume 1 time a Week
  • Fish NOT Safe to Consume

Other Things That Are Important to Know

  • Pregnancy Weight Gain Recommendations
  • 10 Best Foods to Eat When Pregnant
  • 8 Reasons Why Exercise is Important When You Are Pregnant
  • References and Additional Resources

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