Resurrection Celebration Activities Pack



This Jesus is Risen Resurrection Celebration Activities Pack was created to help you teach about Jesus death and resurrection.

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Jesus is Risen Resurrection Celebration Activities pack incudes:

  1. The full text of Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 for reading practice, memorization, and copywork.
  2. Psalm 22 is written in clear block letters which can be colored in to aid in reading and memorization.
  3. Matthew 28:6 Scripture memory verse
  4. Cut and paste A=activity to help children remember the order of Jesus arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection.
  5. Links for further study into the science and history of the crucifixion and flogging.
  6. Extra lined pages for copy work or whatever you want to use it for.
  7. Bonus coloring pages.

Total 28 pages, black and white, pdf downloadable file

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