Sunday School God Created You

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Kids Sunday School God Created You Series. (Post may contain affiliate links).

Use these colorful and fun Bible studies to teach Sunday school as well as your own kids about the creation account.

These activity packs are chock full of fun things to do. Plus, they can be used for preschool up to early elementary.

I don’t pick a set age when I create my products. This is because all kids are at different learning levels and some special kids who are older may find these Bible study lessons to be super fun as well!

I varied the activities in this series to reduce repetition.

Four different, approximately 15-page, activity packs are included in this bundle. If purchased separately at $3.00 each, then these four awesome e-books would cost $12.00. By purchasing the bundle you are saving $3.00 or 25%!

God Created Plants and Trees

Included in this activity pack:

  • Bible Study and Memorization
  • Bible Copy Work and Writing Practice
  • Matching activities (picture to picture and picture to word)
  • Nature and Garden Fun
  • Practice with squiggly lines drawing
  • Counting
  • Identifying colors, numbers and shapes

God Created Ocean Animals

Fun Learning Activities Include:

  • Identification of Seven (7) different ocean animals
  • Practice Identifying the seven accompanying letters. (J, O, U, S, N, X, L)
  • Penmanship and Copy Work
  • Alphabetical Order, Spelling, and Sentence Writing
  • Reading
  • Research activities to encourage learning about the real living animal
  • Bible Study

God Created Earth

Activities included:

  • Counting
  • Scripture Copy Work
  • Bible verse memorization
  • Word and Sentence Unscramble
  • Directed Drawing
  • Links for further study

God Created Humans

Bible Lessons for Kids Activities include:

  • Bible Study and Memorization
  • Copy Work and Writing Practice
  • Matching activities
  • Counting
  • Coloring
  • Reading

If you’d rather buy these activity books separately,¬† click here to Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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