Who Was Nicholas of Myra?



Who was Nicholas of Myra? You might be surprised to know that he is the man who somehow became known by many as Santa Claus.

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Learn the true history of Nicholas of Myra, also known as St. Nicholas. 

Included in Pack

  1. Short Biography of St. Nicholas for Reference
  2. 10 Black and White pictures telling the story visually
  3. Two Pages of Questions
  4. Writing Assignment
  5. BONUS! Snowman Word Search and Word Unscramble Worksheet

Downloadable pdf file – 25 pages, answer key included

Part of growing bundle you can find here.

Questions and writing assignment can be completed using the biography given as well as links I added for deeper research. Your kids will love delving into the history this Christmas of how St. Nicholas came to be known as Santa Claus.

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