Why is it So Hard to Lose Weight Workbook



Why is it so Hard to Lose Weight Workbook

Over 30 pages of worksheets and diary pages designed to help you make self-assessments of yourself in order to better determine the reasons why you have struggled with weight loss in the past and what you can do to increase your chances of success in the future.

Why is is so Hard to Lose Weight Workbook includes

  1. Readiness to Change Questionnaire
  2. Weight Loss Readiness Quiz
  3. Scoring the Readiness Quiz
  4. Interpretation of the Readiness Quiz Items
  5. Difficult Decisions Regarding Your Health
  6. 10 Reasons to Not Go to the Gym
  7. Should I Change or Not?
  8. Decisional Balance Worksheet
  9. Decisional Balance Worksheet Sample
  10. Setting SMART Goals
  11. Barriers Worksheet
  12. Barriers Worksheet Sample
  13. Personal Transformation Worksheet
  14. Personal Transformation Worksheet Sample
  15. Behavioral Contract

BONUS! 3-Day Diet Diary Sheets – in color and black & white to help you get on track and stay on track.

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Printable Vitamin Cheat Sheets


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