Wings of Fire Dragon Books



Wings of Fire Dragon Books – The Dragonet Prophecy

A Dragon Book Series that is Consistent with Bible Values

  • If you have kids who love dragons, but you are frustrated by the lack of dragon books that are consistent with Bible values.
  • If your kids hate to read.
  • Do you wish you could incorporate a series into your homeschool day that not only meets curriculum requirements, but can be used for multiple subjects?
  • If you want your kids to read more books with a message that is compatible with the Bible, then this is it!

 Over 80 pages of different activity ideas including:

  1. How to write a 5-sentence paragraph
  2. How to write a 5-paragraph essay
  3. Mapping skills – Using the Island of Pyrria
  4. Puzzles
  5. Objective questions
  6. Thematic elements study – setting, character study, prejudice, good versus evil, and more.
  7. Coloring pages for younger kids
  8. Fill in the blanks
  9. Bible Verse Treasure Hunt
  10. Fun dragon activities for younger elementary kids
  11. And more!

Also included:

  • Answer key included as well as two different Rubrics to assist with grading.
  • General Core Curriculum Literature Requirements for 4-12 grade.


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