I have gotten major feedback on the fact that many women are concerned about the subject of Iron and whether they and their families are getting enough in their diet. This is why I created my e-book, “The Importance of Iron.”

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I had been thinking about creating an e-book for several months when I was contacted by Ultimate Bundles regarding whether I would like to contribute a product to the “2020 Women’s Wellness” bundle. (This link will take you to the free webinar that is being offered two days before the sale officially launches).

That’s when I realized it was time to get busy! =)

So many of you have expressed interest in the subject that I just knew I needed to do this!

And starting February 5th until February 10th, you will be able to grab my “Importance of Iron” ebook through the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle, and SO MUCH MORE! My e-book is valued at $30. However, the ENTIRE Women’s Wellness bundle will go on sale on February 5th for only $37!!!

I’ve been told that the products included in the 2020 Women’s Wellness Bundle are worth over $4200!!!

And I don’t doubt it because I have purchased the bundles and I have never regretted it. Sure you get an overwhelming amount of information. However, once you download them to your computer, you can read them at your leisure anytime in the future!

By the way, to make sure that you don’t forget where to find your goodies when you are ready to use them, create a file folder specific to the particular bundle. For example, I created a file folder and I named it, “2020 Women’s Wellness Bundle.” I put all of the files that are part of the bundle under this file folder. That way, I will know where to find them.

I added the year date (2020) because I might buy another one in the future that will have the same name but a different year. That way I will know exactly where to go when I want to look at my cool stuff. =) (By the way, you can always go back and change the name of the folder if you decide it isn’t quite the right name. (I have done this multiple times)!

At any rate, I have had a couple of weeks to review the products in the bundle and there are a few that definitely stand out and that I think would be perfect for you. However, I’m only allowed to discuss one product per day until the Sale launches on February 5th.

What you can do in the meantime is sign up for the free webinar which will be happening the two days prior to the first day of the sale (February 3rd and 4th).

When you sign up for the webinar, you will be in the loop and will be the first to know when the sale is set to go! Plus, there will be an Early Bird sale the first two days (the 5th and 6th). During the Early Bird sale, there will be bonuses added that only people who sign up will have access to. (Think: awesome lotions, aromatherapies, vitamins, and other goodies)!

Below is an outline of the subjects covered in my “Importance of Iron” e-book.

  1. What is Iron?
  2. The Purpose of Iron in the Body
  3. What is Anemia? Is it the same as Iron Deficiency?
  4. Who’s at Risk for Iron Deficiency?
  5. What interferes with Iron Absorption?
  6. How to Get Iron through your diet.
  7. What foods are high in Iron? What to do if you suspect you have Iron Deficiency
  8. What to do to avoid Iron Toxicity

The ebook will be available in pdf and epub form, which means you will be able to download and print it or read it through an epub app or other e-book app.

And this ebook is only 1 of 79 different products (this is NOT a typo)!!!

(Hint: another one is a cooking e-course!–not Kids Cook Real Food)!

I have not previously heard of this cooking course, but I will plan to discuss it tomorrow. So, watch out for my email tomorrow!

Until then, Here’s to Your Health!

With love,


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