I just finished reading an adorable book titled, “God and Snow – 5 Lessons That Snow Teaches About God.” And I want to tell you about it. (Post may contain affiliate links)

First of all, yes, I received a free copy. And yes, I was asked to review the product. However, I want to make one thing clear. I only give positive reviews when it is deserved.

So, now for the review. “God and Snow, 5 Things Snow Teaches about God” has a target audience of 8 years plus. And some of the exercises are pretty challenging. In fact, I had to peak at least once at the answer key. However, I think that younger audiences will also benefit from this precious book. Numerous lovely pictures fill the book.  And the author uses allegories to drive the point home. Note that the book is in black and white, which means opportunities to color, something that littles usually enjoy.

A variety of fun activities fills the book. For example, visual snowflake matching, hidden pictures, completing text messages on a phone, and bible journaling.

Lesson titles include, “Jesus Makes us White as Snow,” and “Snow Reminds Us that God made Us One of a Kind.”

And you can't beat the price of “God and Snow.” The print version is currently only $6.97 on Amazon, which in my opinion, is a steal.

Visit the author, Corine Hyman, at the site below:



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