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I just love Russian style art! So when I saw these graphics, I just knew I needed to make something with them. These Multicultural Russian style Bookmarks are bright and beautiful and authentically represent the patterns and theme of a Russian Easter celebration. (Post may contain affiliate links).

This is the result of my creative juices mixed with gorgeous Russian Style graphics. I created these bookmarks for Easter. However, they can be used any time you want.

There are a total of 8 different designs here. Each bookmark can either be printed, folded, and glued to make 8 bookmarks OR you can cut each one separate, and you will have a total of 16 One-Sided bookmarks.

BONUS – Since I know that many people own black and white printers, I created black and white versions (One-Sided) of 7 of the multicultural Russian Style bookmarks originals.

8 Double-Sided Color OR 16 Single-Sided Color

7 Single Sided Black and White

All bookmarks include a Bible verse, Matthew 28: 6 (two renditions of the verse).

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