Sara Bean’s MLK Jr K-12 History Curriculum provided me with some surprises. I actually thought all of this time that MLK Jr. was a Christian. Now, I’m not so sure. (Post may contain affiliate links)

For example, a little internet digging will uncover that he didn’t hold to the same beliefs about Jesus and the virgin birth. In fact, it appears he denied much of what most Christians believe about the gospel. Also, many sources claim that he was unfaithful to his wife numerous times, including the night before he died.

Another thing I had never heard was that MLK Jr. was beaten by his dad because he didn’t believe his son was studious or hard working as he thought he should be. It turns out that MLK Jr. never wanted to be a preacher, though he did eventually receive his doctorate in theological studies.

The first thing to remember when purchasing this MLK Jr K-12 History Curriculum, is that it’s meant to be a supplement, as opposed to full-blown curriculum

So, for example, this would be a perfect short unit study to use for MLK Jr.’s birthday or some other time when you want your children to remember MLK Jr. The MLK Jr K-12 history curriculum is not too complicated, so if your kids don’t like school, this might even be a great way to break up the “monotony” of school and give your kids a chance to just have some fun.

In other words, you can sneak in some new vocabulary words and reinforce history with this curriculum without bogging down your school day.

As far as activities for the kiddos to learn about Dr. King. There are many. For example,

Martin Luther King Jr. K-12 History Curriculum

Lists of facts

Including details about his college experiences, and how he got involved in the Civil Rights Movement. Also, some of his favorite quotes are included. Information about his boycotts, marches, and movements is also part of the curriculum package.  You will learn about some of the things MLK Jr. struggled with as well.


For Elementary through 12th grade is included, and I learned some new words!

The number and complexity of the words increases by age. However, all kids can learn all words, if you want. It’s up to you as the teacher what words and how many you choose to assign to your kids.

Martin Luther King Jr. Curriculum Review

Creative Writing Projects

Opportunities to write. For example,

  1. School Life – The creation of a school.
  2. Learning and Writing about Rosa Parks.
  3. Your children’s opinion on various subjects related to boycotts, Rosa Parks, and civil rights in general.
  4. An opportunity (towards the end of the curriculum) to envision something the student can change, with the inspirational quote, “I Have a Dream” as a backdrop for unique ideas.
  5. An organizational diagram is included to help with brainstorming.

Research and Writing

  1. Writing Prompts – Children are given the opportunity to choose a topic of their own, do their own research. They can choose the  internet or books.
  2. Students have an opportunity to discuss their own opinions about segregation, for example.
  3. Students can express verbally through a speech, drawing (perfect for right-brain thinkers), or traditional writing.

Martin Luther King Jr. Curriculum Review

Arts and crafts Activities

For example, the curriculum pack includes suggestions for researching MLK Jr. quotes and creating bookmarks. Children can make their own unique bookmarks. Here are a couple of examples of what they can do:

MLK Jr. K-12 History Curriculum

Also, a page with blank books so that the child can write the names and authors of books they have read on MLK Jr. They can also decorate and color these books.


Martin Luther King Jr.’s favorite meal is mentioned in the MLK Jr K-12 History Curriculum, with a suggestion to cook and eat it. Yummy!

And last, but not least, supplemental links are provided to give children even more ideas.

Good Job Sara!

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