This is the second in the “Importance of Good Nutrition” series.  (Post may contain affiliate links). If you want to get help with teaching nutrition and health to your kids, this is the perfect Activity Pack. This second activity pack focuses on the importance of good nutrition – vegetables.

In addition to opportunities to practice alphabetizing and spelling skills, the “Importance of Good Nutrition – Vegetables Activity Pack” gives your kids the chance to research and write about a preferred vegetable, as well as create and make a recipe. They are sure to love this! If you have multiple-aged kids, they can work together as a team to complete this project.

And you will love it too because it will reinforce the importance of good nutrition and of eating more vegetables. It will also help your kids understand better why vegetables are good for them.

Your kids will be able to practice the Importance of Good Nutrition:

  • Counting
  • Matching – Colors and Numbers
  • Spelling and alphabetizing as well as Letter Recognition
  • Word Unscramble
  • Holding a crayon (Fine Motor skills) and using it to color in the vegetables
  • Researching skills
  • Writing and grammar
  • Activity suggestions, black and white and color version of vegetables included
    If you have kids who love to color, click here for a free printable coloring book

The Importance of Good Nutrition – Vegetables

This product is now offered as part of a HUGE bundle here.

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