Dinosaurs and Fossils Jeopardy Game



Dinosaurs and Fossils Jeopardy Game (post may contain affiliate links). This is JUST the game with notes for those of you who don't want to spend money on the whole project.

A Fully Animated Jeopardy Game PowerPoint Slide Show, complete with Final Jeopardy (all answers included). You can use this fun catastrophism versus uniformitarianism game for an entire classroom OR for just your family.

You don't have to have PowerPoint to use this Dinosaurs and Fossils Jeopardy game!

AND you should be able to add your own notes with the tools provided in the PowerPoint Slideshow File.

Categories in Jeopardy Game:

  • The Fossil Record
  • Catastrophism (Flood Geology)
  • Uniformitarianism (Evolution)
  • Dinosaur Facts
  • Creation versus Evolution

Background information, dinosaur facts, and links for further research is also provided to assist the teacher with educating students.

31 Slides Plus 11 Pages (pdf file) of Supporting information in separate file, for a total of 2 files

5 Reasons My Son Believes in Catastrophism

Dinosaurs and Fossils Full Unit Study

Dinosaur Coloring Pages



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