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Paleontologist Kids Activities Unit Study. Teach elementary-aged kids about paleontology, fossils, and dinosaurs while at the same time teaching them to evaluate the fossil record from two perspectives:

  • Flood Geologist/Catastrophism Scientist
  • Evolutionist/Uniformitarianism Scientist

Included in this unique activity pack curriculum are tables comparing the two perspectives. In addition is a clear description of what each side believes about the age of the earth, dinosaurs and the Fossil Record. (Post contains affiliate links)

Do all scientists believe that dinosaurs lived and died 65 million years ago?!

Is this the ONLY interpretation?

NO! There is more than one view on the age of the earth and on the time that dinosaurs lived. There is also an an alternative interpretation of the fossil record.

I have included both sides of the controversy in this unique Paleontologist Kids Activities Unit Study.

I designed this activity-stuffed paleontologist activities unit study with elementary-aged kids in mind. However, it can be used for younger and older kids as well, depending on their individual needs and abilities.

With this awesome unit study in hand, your kids can become REAL paleontologists and DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES which interpretation of the fossil record makes the most sense.

If you want to help build your children’s critical thinking skills, and maybe even their faith, this super cool paleontologist kids activities pack will definitely help with this goal!

This Paleologist Kids Activities Unit Study Includes:

  1. Original Geologic Column of the fossil record, complete with clip art images of fossils (Filled out and Blank for studying/testing)
  2. Table comparing the beliefs of Evolutionists and Creationists. (Filled out and Blank for studying/testing)
  3. In-depth questions on fossils. For example, defining what they are, how they form, how long it takes for a them to form.
  4. 5 Dinosaur Skeletons and 1 Flying Reptile Skeleton to label. (Answer key included).
  5. Page of Facts for each of the 6 dinosaurs/flying reptile.
  6. Fossil Word/Picture cards for matching/memorizing.
  7. Crossword Puzzle
  8. Fill in the Blank Worksheet with Word Bank
  9. Word Search
  10. Background information to help with teaching.

And last, but most certainly NOT least:

A Fully Animated Jeopardy Game PowerPoint Slide Show, complete with Final Jeopardy (all answers included). You can use this fun game for an entire classroom OR for just your family. You don’t have to have PowerPoint to use this game. Plus, you should be able to add your own notes with the tools provided in the PowerPoint Slideshow File.

Categories in Jeopardy Game:

  1. The Fossil Record
  2. Catastrophism
  3. Uniformitarianism
  4. Dinosaur Facts
  5. Creation versus Evolution

You will receive 1 zip file with 2 files included:

1. Adobe PDF

2. PowerPoint Slideshow (You don’t need to have PowerPoint to view this, animations and all)

Note: If you ever want to create your own game show using your own individual facts and unique subject matter. I created the awesome game using the blank template by Kristin Lee Resources which you can purchase here

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