Food and Culture Sorting Mats



Food and Culture Sorting mats are an excellent hands-on way for students to learn important geography facts within the context of food and culture.

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Sorting mats are perfect for younger and special needs kids because they require less writing and are more hands-on.

Older kids who learn better by working with their hands also benefit from sorting mats because it’s an effective hands-on way to reinforce previously learned facts. Sorting mats are also highly visual.

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Following directions, organizing, and planning are all important Life Skills learned in this Unit Study.

In this fun Food Culture Sorting Mats unit study, students will study foods, geography, symbols, and monuments common to 12 different countries:

  1. Australia
  2. Brazil
  3. Egypt
  4. France
  5. India
  6. Israel
  7. Italy
  8. Japan
  9. Kenya
  10. Mexico
  11. Norway
  12. USA

Objectives and answer keys are included to assist the teacher with planning the activities.

For higher level students, activities include:

  1. Researching 12 different country symbols, monuments, and unique foods.
  2. Instructions to research one food from each country.

Links are also provided for all 12 countries to assist with researching one symbol/monument from each country.

Students of ALL ages will practice cutting, pasting, organizing, planning, and essay writing. In addition, students will study cultural geography, learn what people in other countries eat, and other interesting food facts.

Skills attained by completing all activities in this unit study also include:

  1. Research
  2. Writing
  3. Motor Skills
  4. Following Directions
  5. Organization
  6. Planning

It is recommended that each student complete the food and culture sorting mats by cutting and pasting each individual piece as directed.

Laminating or putting completed food and culture sorting mats into plastic cover sheets, and putting into a notebook to create a food and country study notebook is another hands-on skill that will provide practice in organization skills.

29 pages, downloadable pdf file.

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