Today, I'm going to tell you a little about Traditional Cooking School with Gnowfglins. This awesome online cooking school is not just about cooking. It's about healthy, homesteading, natural, back to basics, cooking. and I am in love with it!

According to the website Traditional Cooking School with Gnowfglins

“Gnowfglins” stands for:

G – God's (not man's creations)
N – Natural 
(not artificial)
O – Organic 
(raised without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers; raised without drugs, hormones, or synthetic chemicals)
W – Whole 
(not processed)
F – Foods 
(not synthesized chemicals)
GL – Grown Locally 
(not transported from far away)
INS – In Season 
(not out of season)

Traditional Cooking School with Gnowfglins is an online school with tons of different cooking classes. To introduce new members to her cooking school, Wardee Harmon, the owner, included one of her awesome classes, in the 2020 Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle. This is how I learned of her, and this is what my review here is based on.

What stood out to me about Traditional Cooking School with Gnowfglins.

When I signed up for my account/membership, I kept forgetting where I put my log-in information. As a result, I kept going in through my Ultimate Bundle (UB) access link. This triggered an email from Wardee regarding whether I was having issues signing up. I also received a text on my phone. I let her know that I was already signed up but that I kept forgetting how to get in (forgot the name and such).

The school team was SUPER responsive and made sure that I had all that I needed to get in with no problems.

What I love the most is that, even though the original e-course I signed up for doesn't give me access to all the courses in the premium school,

I DO have access to a ton of stuff FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE.

For example, as you can see in the screenshot below, which is a picture of my membership page, there is an orientation course. This course helps the user get involved with the private group and it is complete with assignments and all. For example, the first assignment is to introduce yourself in the forum. I posted a couple of days ago and Wardee responded personally.

At this level you also have what is called a “Freebie Cupboard.” (See screenshots below). In this cupboard, I have access to all sorts of free cooking and recipe downloads.

Back to the e-course. I mean LOOK AT THOSE AMAZING DOWNLOADABLES THAT ARE INCLUDED at this level! Isn't that cool? The ones you can't see below the four FREE downloads shown include:

Bottom Line: You HAVE to check out Traditional Cooking School with Gnowfglins!

Click here now to grab a freebie or two.

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