Today, I’m going to tell you a little about Traditional Cooking School with Gnowfglins. This awesome online cooking school is part of the 2020 Women’s Wellness Bundle. (Post contains affiliate links).

According the website, “Gnowfglins” stands for:

G – God’s (not man’s creations)
N – Natural 
(not artificial)
O – Organic 
(raised without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers; raised without drugs, hormones, or synthetic chemicals)
W – Whole 
(not processed)
F – Foods 
(not synthesized chemicals)
GL – Grown Locally 
(not transported from far away)
INS – In Season 
(not out of season)

Traditional Cooking School with Gnowfglins is an online school with tons of different cooking classes. To introduce new members to her cooking school, Wardee Harmon, the owner, is including her class, “Healthy Diets: Exploring Major Healthy Diets to Find the Right One For YOU!” In the 2020 Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle.

This e-course ALL BY ITSELF is valued at $97 and includes:

  1. The Healthy Diets eBook
  2. 7 streaming interview-style videos
  3. Access to a private group for support.
  4. And More!

Because I’m a contributor,* I got early access to all of the Women’s Wellness Bundle products, including this one, which stands out to me, particularly as a Registered Dietitian. This is why I decided to focus on it today.

After signing up for the Traditional Cooking School with Gnowfglins, what stands out to me isn’t primarily the “Healthy Diets eBook.” This is only because I don’t agree completely with a couple of the diets mentioned as an option. Plus, as you know, if you’ve been with me awhile, I don’t believe that “going on a diet” is a great idea–unless it’s something you can live with long term.

However, my professional opinion is that you can learn something from many of the diets in the market today. For example, the Keto diet. I think that many of us might eat too much bread and not enough fruits and vegetables–especially vegetables. So, being inspired to watch your intake of carbohydrates without eliminating them completely or severely restricting them, is a healthy take on the Keto diet. Especially if it means you are increasing your intake of vegetables!!

Since there is so much good stuff to explore here, I don’t see any reason for letting a disagreement here or there stop me from taking full advantage! After all,

I KNOW A GOOD DEAL WHEN I SEE ONE!!! Remember this product ALONE sells for $97! And the Bundle is only $37! 

Here are a couple of screenshots to let you see some of what is included with the e-course:

Traditional Diets

What stands out to me about Traditional Cooking School with Gnowfglins.

When I signed up for my account/membership, I kept forgetting where I put my log-in information. As a result, I kept going in through my Ultimate Bundle (UB) access link. This triggered an email from Wardee regarding whether I was having issues signing up. I also received a text on my phone. I let her know that I was already signed up but that I kept forgetting how to get in (forgot the name and such). The School team was SUPER responsive and made sure that I had all that I needed to get in with no problems.

What I love the most is that, even though this e-course doesn’t give us access to all of the courses in the premium school, we DO have access to a ton of stuff.

For example, as you can see in the screenshot below, which is a picture of my membership page, there is an orientation course.. This course helps the user get involved with the private group and it is complete with assignments and all. For example, the first assignment is to introduce yourself in the forum. I posted a couple of days ago and Wardee responded personally.

At this level you also have what is called a “Freebie Cupboard.” (see screenshots below). In this cupboard, I have access to all sorts of free cooking and recipe downloads. (And you will too if you purchase the bundle)! =)

Back to the e-course. I mean LOOK AT THOSE AMAZING DOWNLOADABLES THAT ARE INCLUDED at this level! Isn’t that cool? The ones you can’t see below the 4 downloads shown include:

  • Homemade Dairy Milks Substitute Guide
  • Instant Pot Sourdough Cornbread
  • How to Start a Sourdough Starter
  • Home Grain Milling 101
  • How to Make Cultured Butter
  • And More!!

I hope that tells you all you need to know to decide whether this free e-course is right for you. However, even if it isn’t, don’t forget that there are 78 other products (including my Iron E-book) included in the amazing bundle.


Click here to purchase the Bundle.

Traditional Cooking School with Gnowfglins

*If you are a subscriber, I sent an email talking about my own e-book, “The Importance of Iron, What You Need to Know,” which is included in the amazing 79 product Bundle that is valued at over $4200.

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